Cinco de Mayo

Happy belated Cinco de Mayo everyone! I spent the day with my LA bestie, Mad. We went out for Mexican food at Villa Sombrero which boasted the best margaritas in town. The food and drinks were good, but I would probably check out another location next time.

Actually last week, I went on a stairway hike in Echo Park with Mad and her aunt and uncle. We ate at Senor Fish beforehand, and that was some very good Mexican food. I would highly recommend it.

IMG_2763[1] IMG_2767[1]

The beautiful view from our booth at Villa Sombrero where we had tacos, guacamole, and margaritas.

IMG_2791[1] IMG_2769[1]

Cheers to great friends and yummy food.

After lunch we headed over to The York to hang out and see a different area. The York is a cool space– high ceilings, local art on the walls, and glass front windows.

IMG_2771[1] IMG_2778[1]

Mad swears that she has “seen those lightbulbs somewhere before,” which I got a kick out of.

IMG_2782[1]  IMG_2773[1] IMG_2779[1]

Now, the next part of the story you can choose to believe or choose not the believe, but here it is: At Villa Sombrero, Mad. spotted a group of bicyclists leaving the restaurant before us. When we were sitting at The York, Mad. points out the window and says that the bicycle gang just showed up outside! The bicycle gang comes in, recognizes us, and we point out that they are following us. The bicycle gang turns out to be a group of cousins and friends our age who are on their “first annual” Cinco de Mayo bicycle tour. We are initiated as unofficial (without bicycle) members of the group, and we pick the next spot and lead the way.

Long story short, this group becomes our new Cinco de Mayo BFFs, and we are invited back to dinner at their house. It turns out to be their Mother’s/Aunt’s birthday party, and their entire extended family is present for the celebration. We end up having Mexican food for lunch and dinner, and meeting 4 generations of this family. Thank goodness Madeline spoke Spanish, because she kept the grandparents well entertained. After eating till we were going to explode, we headed back to Mad.’s house.

It was one of those days, where you don’t plan anything, but you end up somewhere totally unexpected. We headed out with plans to get a taco for lunch, and we end up having dinner and celebrating a birthday with a bicycle gang and their extended Mexican family.

Till next year, bicycle gang, till next year. Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!