Last Day in LA LA Land

At the beginning of June, I left Los Angeles and moved back to the East Coast. Here are some pictures from my last day in LA LA land. Thank you to all my friends who made my time in LA wonderful, and for the last hurrah.


We headed to Venice after work, and went to Hotel Erwin‘s High Rooftop Lounge. We had heard that it was a great place to watch the sunset.

IMG_2946[1]IMG_2948[1]IMG_2952[1] IMG_2955[1] IMG_2956[1]

The rooftop was a little crowded so we headed down to the beach to watch the sunset, and we saw some fun moves at the skate park.

IMG_2961[1] IMG_2965[1]  IMG_2970[1] IMG_2974[1] IMG_2979[1] IMG_2982[1] IMG_2959[1]

We started as interns together and now life has started to take us in different directions. But we will be friends no matter where we end up. Love you guys!