Before Sunset

In the evening, I like to go for walks in my neighborhood while I talk on the phone with family and friends from back home. I went for a walk the other night, and there was a beautiful sunset.


IMG_2801[1] IMG_2803[1] IMG_2806[1]


Catching Waves in LA

Have you heard of a bucket list? It’s all the things you want to do before you “kick the bucket.”

So far my bucket list is:

  1. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon Ride
  2. Publish a Book
  3. Have a Biography
  4. Learn to Surf
  5. See Cirque de Soleil
  6. Go to the Cannes Film Festival

As you can see, this list is pretty short, but over time I’m sure it will grow. Well, I decided that it was time to cross an item off my list, and while I’m in California I must do as the Californians do!


Learn to surf!

Luke was coming to visit for the weekend so I decided to secretly schedule a surf lesson to surprise him.

On Saturday morning at 10am, we met up with our surf instructor at Santa Monica Beach. We squeezed into our wetsuits, put on some sunscreen, and headed out to the waves. I wish we had brought along a friend to take pictures of us. Because the only evidence we have that we actually caught a wave, are these pictures of us in the parking lot in wetsuits.

Luke Surfing Surfind

I was nervous when we were on the beach learning how to read the ocean, paddle out, and stand up. But once we were out in the water, it was so much fun! Our instructor Jonathan was amazing and so helpful. We caught some waves, but also fell off quite a few times.

The craziest thing about the whole surfing experience was how surreal if felt after we were done. Almost like it was a dream. Sitting on the beach, looking at the little dots that are surfers out in the waves, it was hard to imagine that we had been out that far in the water. I definitely want to get back out there in the future.


*Wondering what surf school we used?

It’s called¬†Zuma Surf and Swim Training. I would highly recommend them if you want to take a surfing lesson. They are great about setting up the lesson, the instructors are friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful, and it makes for a great bucket list experience. The $180 price tag for 2 beginners seemed high when I first signed up, but once you’re in the water and see how much work the instructor puts into helping you, it’s worth every penny.